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i.HVAC Remediation
for Restoration
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ii.Infection Control
for Healthcare Facilities
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for Indoor Air Quality
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v.Industrial Hygiene
and Work Hazards
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vi.Kitchen Exhaust
for Grease Cleaning
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Past Performance
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Kincaid's Restaurant
Kincaid's - Redondo Beach, CA
LAX International Airport
LAX - Los Angeles, CA
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Cedars-Sinai - Los Angeles, CA
SunAmerica Building
SunAmerica - Los Angeles, CA
Chippewa Enterprises
Chippewa Enterprises - Sherman Oaks, CA
Antelope Valley Hospital
Antelope Valley Hospital - Lancaster, CA
UCLA Medical
UCLA Medical Center - Los Angeles, CA
Bimbo Bakeries
Bimbo Bakeries - Multiple Locations
Hilton Hotel
Hilton - Hawaii, HI
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Architectural - Mechanical – Electrical – Life Safety – IAQ – Control Systems Commissioning
Re-Commissioning, Retro-Commissioning and IAQ Investigative Studies
Facility / Bio-security Due Diligence
Customized Commissioning Programs Based Upon Owner Defined Needs
Facilitate / Coordinate Initial and Periodic Commissioning Progress Meetings, Including Written Documentation
Periodic Jobsite Installation Progress Inspections with Written Reports and Pictorial Documentation
Perform Baseline IAQ Surveys and Recommendations for Solutions
Complete Functional Performance / Functional Interface Testing, Including Action Item Summary Logging
Registered Professional Engineers (Mechanical & Electrical) and LEED® Accredited Professionals on Staff
Certified Field Test Engineers on Staff
Filtration Performance Testing for Facility / Bio-security Requirements
Energy Savings Solutions through Retro-Commissioning
Filtration Performance Testing for Facility / Bio-security Requirements
Data logging and Systems Monitoring
Building Automation Surveys and Improvement Recommendations
Sound and Vibration Testing
Air Duct Pressure Testing & Certification
Duct Air Leakage Testing - DALT measured, leakage identified, and sealed
Hospital Critical Area Air Flow & Pressure Testing/Annual Certifications
Clean Room and Exhaust Hood Testing and Certification
Mechanical/Electrical/Life Safety Control Performance Verification
Review of Control Sequences and Interlocks
Cooling Tower Thermal Performance Testing
Pressure Mapping of a Facility and its Interstitial Spaces
Environmental Systems Performance Evaluation
CAD Drawings (multicolor, single line, any format)
Tune-ups for Energy Conservation (Retro-Commissioning of Mechanical Systems & Controls)
Mechanical/Life Safety/Smoke Removal Systems Due Diligence Surveys
HVAC Cleaning, Sanitizing, Duct Sealing and Refurbishing
Coil Cleaning and Cooling Tower Cleaning
Indoor Air Quality (Microbial / VOC / Bioaerosol / Particulate) Testing and Remediation
Infra-red Photography - locate / categorize Air Duct Leakage
HVAC Air Duct Sealing and Pressure Testing
Fiber Optic (Boroscope) Video Investigations - identify system blockages & leaks.
Constructing and maintaining containment barriers, anti-rooms and point-of-entry devises to prevent dust and disease producing agents from leaving the construction zone. These barriers are designed to be impermeable and will be in compliance with emergency egress and fire codes.
Creating and maintaining a negative pressure between the construction zone and adjacent areas. This critical step is monitored via data logging manometers which alarm if the pressure differential violates pre-determined set-points.
Pre-construction testing, adjusting and balancing of the ventilation system(s) serving the construction zone and adjacent areas to meet and comply with room air exchange rates, pressurization levels and other requirements. Factors such as air intakes and filtration will also be addressed at this time.
Isolating HVAC systems where work is being performed. Providing and maintaining portable air-conditioning (spot coolers) within the construction zones so as to maintain specified temperature and humidity levels.
Providing and maintaining portable negative air machines and vacuums. Note, each machine is equipped with final filters and seals which are third-party (field) certified as HEPA* compliant. All filters are replaced and challenged for each new project.
Providing and maintaining portable, point-of-use, (HEPA) filtrated, containment devises (for small scale, short in duration projects).
Sealing of all penetrations, gaps and holes leading to areas adjacent to the construction zone, including installation of fire-stopping materials (if required).
Measuring/documenting/reporting dust levels within the construction zone. Equipment utilized includes calibrated, 6-channel laser particle counter(s). This technique tracks contamination sources and quantifies airborne particle amounts before, during and after the project.
Providing worker Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and clothing appropriate for the project.
Providing post-renovation (terminal) cleaning of the construction zone and affected HVAC system(s)
Post-renovation HVAC system testing, adjusting and balancing to meet design air flows, air exchange rates, pressurizations and temperature & humidity levels.
We will aid the facility’s risk managers, engineering staff, nurse supervisors, and infection control professionals (IP) in generating infection control (IC) protocols, preconstruction risk assessments (PcrA), infection control risk assessments (IcrA), and infection control work plans (ICWP).
Additionally included is a review of interim life safety measures (ILSM) and concerns, pathways for workers and debris removal, impacts on utilities and the potential for increased noise & vibration. Each will be evaluated as to the effect on areas above, below and adjacent to the project.
* HEPA filters are designed to capture 99.97% of 0.3-micron (0.000012-inch) particles - such as many pathogens, microbial spores and other undesirable contaminants. Each project is supplied with new, HEPA filters which are field tested and third- party certified as HEPA.
Design, installation and commissioning of special ventilation systems to control contaminants emitted by indoor operations/activities
Ventilation system testing and balancing
Upgrading ventilation system components and filtration (often combined with energy auditing to reduce energy consumption)
Ventilation system cleaning
Mold remediation
Moisture intrusion/mold control programs
Legionella bacteria control programs for building water systems
Dust control during construction activities in hospitals
Smoke contamination control in buildings during wildfire events
Remediation of smoke damage from building fires and wildfires
Indoor Air Quality Assessment (IA): Baseline
(IA) Occupant complaint
(IA) Odor
(IA) Particulate emissions from ventilation system ducts
(IA) Moisture intrusion/mold
(IA) Legionella bacteria
(IA) Food manufacturing plants (Diagnosis of spoilage/contamination problems)
(IA) Smoke damage (Building fires, Wildfires)
Proactive Measures and Remediation (PM): Ventilation system design and installation/modification
(PM) Ventilation system testing and balancing
(PM) Ventilation system cleaning
(PM) Mold remediation
(PM) Moisture intrusion/mold control programs
(PM) Building water system Legionella bacteria control programs
(PM) Sterile drug compounding (Ventilation system testing and balancing, Environmental monitoring/testing)
(PM) Infection control in hospitals (Ventilation system testing and balancing, Environmental monitoring/testing, Dust control during construction)
(PM) Food manufacturing plants (Diagnosis of spoilage/contamination problems, Ventilation system modification, testing and balancing)
(PM) Wildfire smoke contamination control during fires (Ventilation system modification and environmental monitoring/testing)
(PM) Building and wildfire smoke remediation
Industrial Hygiene Surveys: Worker exposure to chemical, physical and biological agents
Commercial Kitchen Exhaust (Grease) Cleaning (NAICS 561720) - IKECA and Gaylord Industries certified technicians.
Commercial & Shipboard Kitchen Exhaust/Vent Cleaning (compliant with NFPA 96)
UV equipped systems certified
Making Air Comfortable
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Industries Served
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Medical Air Care
state license c-20 688091
Medical Air Care, Inc. (MAC) was established in Los Angeles, CA in 1992. We are an all female owned small business. We have experience with hospitals, government buildings, universities, hotels, casinos, commercial buildings, and new construction.
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MAC has been saving building owners tens of thousands of dollars and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars by eliminating energy waste in HVAC systems.

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24 / 7  Emergency  Response
female owned and operated